The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday announced new data on certified organic food, showing the industry grew just over four percent in 2013, with a record breaking 18,513 farms and businesses in the United States.

Certified organic food has seen a 245 percent increase since 2002, according to the Agricultural Marketing Service's National Organic Program.  Last year the federal government certified 763 producers.  

The following is from USDA: 

Grocery aisles offer something for everyone these days: low-sodium soup for adults with high blood pressure, gluten-free pasta for children with wheat allergies and "Certified Humane Raised and Handled" meats for animal lovers of all ages. 

Peggy Boyer Long
WUIS/Illinois Issues

My grandmother could kill half a dozen chickens in a matter of minutes. 

Bessie Revelle Dragoo had the strong arms of an Illinois farm woman, the ample waist of a good cook and the unsentimental manner that comes from being an old hand at getting the main course to the table. 

She could grab a hen by the head with one hand, swing the bird aloft in a wide arc, slam it onto a stump and bring an ax down with the other hand.