Joint Committee on Administrative Rules


A fracking law passed in 2013 could soon finally take effect in Illinois -- it's expected drillers will find oil and gas in southern Illinois. A bipartisan legislative committee Thursday gave its okay to a revised set of regulations. 

The long wait is an indication of how controversial hydraulic fracturing is; supporters hail its opportunity to spur economic growth while environmentalists decry the potential damage it may cause.

Passing a law was supposed to be the hard part, but the two sides came to a compromise. It's over the details since that they've departed. 

Amanda Vinicky

It will be at least another month before legislators take up regulations of hydraulic fracturing. The Joint Commission on Administrative Rules, or JCAR -- a bipartisan panel -- voted Tuesday to spend more time reviewing, and potentially rewriting, them.

Lawmakers Say "No" To Further Video Gaming Restrictions

Jan 15, 2014
Peter Gray/WUIS

A state legislative committee has rejected rules aimed at tightening who sells contracts for video gambling terminals and who can do business with Illinois.

But Illinois Gaming Board chairman Aaron Jaffe  says he'll try again. He said Wednesday that he'll bring the issue back to the panel or to the General Assembly this year.

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules voted unanimously Tuesday to deny rules that would also create a list of businesses and individuals Illinois won't work with. It's similar to what the state does with casinos.

Charles N. Wheeler III
WUIS/Illinois Issues


If you were scratching your head when the word JCAR popped into the news a few weeks ago, don't feel too bad.

Chances are, few folks outside the inner workings of state government had heard of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, or, as most reporters describe it, the "obscure" arm of the General Assembly.

Most Illinoisans don't pay close attention to the behind-the-scenes, nuts-and-bolts machinery that produces public policy, any more than they consciously think about the inner workings of the cars they drive or the TVs they watch.