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Sangamon State University Journal
Sangamon State University Journal 

Central Illinois listeners will soon be able to dial a new FM station and hear the call letters of WSSR, as Sangamon State's radio station goes on the air. The SSU radio facility has received notification from the Federal Communications Commission of the award of WSSR as the official identification for the station.

The 50,000-watt station is currently under construction and plans to begin operation in late fall at 91.9 on the stereo FM dial.   

WSSR can be remembered as Sangamon State Radio, from which the SSR letters originated.  All stations east of the Mississippi River have used "W" as me first letter of their call sign since the Communications Act of 1934 became law.

Director of Broadcast Services Dale Ouzts said, "The natural choice of call letters would, of course, have been WSSU. But those letters are already in use in Wisconsin, and not available." 

Although the station's signal will reach only the central Illinois area, Ouzts pointed out that WSSR's programming will be heard throughout the country as the public broadcast networks plan to use tapes of original WSSR prograrns for distribution to other member stations. The local station, in turn, will be airing many of the public network programs.