Governor Urged To Act On Steidl Pardon

Oct 17, 2013

Randy Steidl
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Attorneys for the Center for Wrongful Convictions have sent an open letter to Gov. Pat Quinn in an attempt to push the Democrat into acting on a pardon for Gordon ``Randy'' Steidl.  
The letter dated Wednesday seeks action on an 11-year-old petition.  
The letters says, ``This matter has lingered for far too long. Please do the right thing.''  
It says at the least, Quinn should meet with Steidl in person to explain why he has not acted on Steidl's request while deciding thousands of other clemency petitions since taking office in 2009.  
Steidl wrongfully spent 17 years in prison _ a dozen on death row _ for the murder a young couple in Paris, Ill. in 1986.  
Steidl is a client of the center at Northwestern University in Evanston.