Fresh From Win, Candidate Bruce Rauner Backs Off Government Union Rhetoric

Mar 19, 2014

Credit Amanda Vinicky/WUIS

  Now that he's the Republicans nominee, it seems like Bruce Rauner is backing away from a campaign mantra.

During the primary race, Rauner consistently repeated these three words:

"Government union bosses."

But that wasn't part of his victory speech Tuesday night. Nor did he single out unions at the GOP's unity lunch the next morning. Rather, Rauner seemed to be trying to make nice with labor.

"All families are suffering," he said. "Especially workin' families. Truck drivers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers. They're suffering with high unemployment, high cost of living, high taxes and deteriorating schools. And our message of change and restoring our prosperity is going to resonate with all voters."

Now Rauner is pinning the blame for Illinois' financial woes squarely on his general election opponent: Gov. Pat Quinn. Public employee unions have their own issues with Quinn, who signed a law that cuts state workers' retirement benefits.