Conference Explores Host Of Disabilities, From ADHD to Autism

Feb 20, 2014

Often times, the strongest advocates for students with disabilities are their parents. Dr. Holly Novak is a member of the group Springfield Parents For Students with Disabilities. On Saturday the group hosts its "6th Annual Disability to Possibility Conference" from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at Southeast High School. As Novak tells us in this interview from the WUIS Education Desk, disabled might not be the best word for these kids, as many students with conditions like Autism and ADHD are capable of performing well academically when given the proper support from their families and schools: 

The "6th Annual Disability to Possibility Conference" at Southeast High School on Saturday is free and open to the public. The guardians of children with disabilities are encouraged to attend. You can register by calling 525-3060, or here