Christmas Archives --- December 22, 2013

Dec 22, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives... for Sunday... December 22nd.   I'm Rich Bradley

From the Illinois State Journal on this date in 1970... a first grade boy from Butler Elementary wrote a letter... printed on the front page... reading:  “I am unhappy.  Your paper said it would snow.  It did not and I could not make a snowman.  Can you do better?   It is signed:  Paul Gifford.  The paper's response is “We're trying, Paul...”

The Salvation Army has put out a desperate plea for “sleigh” drivers to deliver Christmas baskets to the needy this week.  No reindeer required.  Automobiles are suitable substitutes.

The annual Christmas dance at Pawnee High School is tomorrow night.  The American Legion plans a New Year's Eve party for all vets and their families in the Pawnee area.

Lincoln Library is hosting a special Christmas-time story hour this weekend with holiday favorites being read by the story ladies.

Two thousand cans of food were collected by Franklin Middle School students.  they are shown on page-10 loading them into boxes for the Salvation Army's distribution.  Another photo shows 10-month-old Dawn Holstein enjoying her time on Santa's knee... but her older sisters... Angela Kay... Pamela May... and Tamera Ray appear a little more skeptical.  In the comic strip... Marmaduke is shown sitting on Santa's lap... with the caption:  "For the last time... NO!   You cannot join my team of reindeer!"

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Sunday... December 22nd.  I'm Rich Bradley.