Christmas Archives for December 2, 2013

Dec 11, 2013

This is the WUIS Christmas Archives for Monday... December 2nd.   I'm Rich Bradley.

In 1972... December 2nd was a Saturday.  In the Illinois State Register... a story about a warning issued by Illinois Attorney General William J. Scott.   He warns consumers to be wary of ordering Christmas gifts from unknown companies advertising in catalogs.

Elsewhere... the Register's readers are told of a new resource for finding new and missing street addresses for "out of town friends."  To make holiday greeting cards easier to send... the Lincoln Library offers telephone directories for many cities throughout the nation.

Snoopy continues to be baffled by Woodstock... saying “he thinks that if you sit in a mailbox long enough, you'll get Christmas cards…He's so naïve!  Just then... Woodstock walks by with a stack of cards taller than he is.   The final frame shows Snoopy... sitting in the mailbox!

The Senate movie theater is showing “The Christmas That Almost Wasn't” in the children's matinee.    

B & F Toggery is selling boy's Kaynee knit shirts... in electrifying colors to light up the classroom.   Their ad says they are easy for Mom to care for... they are permanent press.

Also in the Springfield paper is mention of the Beardstown Kiwanis Club's Christmas Party on December 16th at the Beardstown Country Club.

That's the WUIS Christmas Archives for Monday... December 2nd... 1972.  I'm Rich Bradley.