Authorities Investigating Downtown Bomb

Jul 29, 2014

The Illinois Secretary of State Police Bomb Squad water cannon neutralizes bombs.
Credit Hannah Meisel/WUIS

  Authorities say they're investigating a pipe bomb that was found and destroyed Monday night in downtown Springfield. The Illinois Secretary of State Bomb Squad neutralized the bomb after it was found on the sidewalk outside of Brewhaus pub, on Sixth and Washington Streets.

Once local police were on the scene, the bomb squad responded by identifying the object, then disabling it in a water cannon.

Bomb Squad Investigator Rick Beaty says the bomb could have detonated about three-quarters of a pound in explosives, which would have caused damage to anything within a five-foot radius.

Investigator Rick Beaty explains the 85-pound suits bomb squad members must wear when neutralizing bombs.
Credit Hannah Meisel/WUIS

  "(It was) very well made," he said. "It was not crudely made. It was fashioned as I said out of a PVC pipe and had the end caps in place. It looks like someone knew what they were doing."

The bomb squad will analyze the explosives recovered after neutralizing the bomb to determine the origins of the materials. Beaty also says the unit is working on getting surveillance video from the area.

Beaty says bomb threats in Springfield are rare, but they have happened in the past. Beaty encourages anyone who sees a suspicious object or an out-of-place package to call authorities.